Wednesday, 31 October 2012


October, has been spent mostly catching up with jobs,  from earlier in the year.
Not bothering with the veg show this year.
Although the list, still has a few to do's , they will now have to wait.

I have indulged in a few, stand and stare missions, not always with a camera at hand.
 Highlights include, Otter in the Wansbeck estuary (just upstream of the damn).
 A Bittern at Cresswell . Early in the month, picked up by  ADMC, provided a fly past with the longest and best views i have had, just as i was packing away the camera.

But the garden is still producing the regular moments,  of ooh what's that. Yesterdays waxwing trio was a garden first (flyover).
chutney time

Feeders are now constantly attended. The Nuthatch has managed to avoid the lens. Usually seen between four and five pm.  I even set up the camera on a tripod to take pictures at one minute intervals, for and hour. The result, half a sparrow.

  Stewart recently mentioned  hybrid sparrows, my flock of 30 ish birds seems to have two showing similar  features. so i'm going to move the peanuts closer to the house and try and get a few pictures of these over the next few weeks, weather permitting.

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