Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Mixed Bag all taken today (click on pic, for rest)

First of all i stopped for petrol, then headed over  to see this anchor . 
I can't be the only one, who thinks this looks like an egyptian cat. 
You then walk down some stairs near this sign.
where you can see 

a ship with a face (HMS Dauntless) and
with his icelandic cousin. 
Eventually i headed north, because the icelandic was being aloof. 
Finding a strange creature

                                         With a number of dead birds along the coast. I walked a--long
hoping for the odd sea duck
but found these stealing off the fishermen. 
its been a bit grey
but worth it.


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oldcrow61 said...

ST, glad to see you're back. I had been checking for some time and finally figured you weren't blogging anymore. A nice selection of photos and yes, it does look like an Egyptian cat.