Monday, 6 May 2013

Another garden first

What a great weekend and i have been at work for a good portion of it.
Again i have a few days off and a few migrants have been  seen, I return to work and the more interesting appear. Never mind one day my timing will be better.

Not a migrant, and much overlooked is the humble Chaffinch. The picture above taken on the path at  druridge ,does not do the male bird justice, almost tropical in colouring
I did not see what the kestrel was hunting but it led me to these, first time i have seen them among the dunes 
Viola riviniana
at druridge. One lone plant.

Mean while back at the garden.
 The pond is continuing to be the local bathing sight,
for at least 15 pair of starlings, from mid afternoon onwards. With the resident breeders also using the facilities.

This year i have done well with 'garden' birds, but this year, i still have a pair woodpeckers everyday

 The Female (above) feeds closer to the house than the male. with an early morning start giving me, the sight of a bathing female.
                           Yesterday, evening, I had the pleasure of witnessing  a pair of Siskins mating in the garden The act, was followed by an amazing chase between the pair. Then i realised they are a first for this garden.
female siskin ( for ground)

 Today, whilst gardening they were in the garden for most of the day, allowing me ,reasonably close. Hopefully nesting within my boundary's
Male Siskin

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oldcrow61 said...

What a lovely flower. My you do have some great birds coming to your garden.