Friday, 25 October 2013

on a slightly happier note

 Electricians tape can be used for a multitude of things.
 It has saved my bacon, on many occasions. Including acting as a first aid , to stop bleeding.
 But today it came into its own, along with a hammer, some washing line and every fishing net handle i own.
OH and the biggest treble hooks i could get.
 Firstly, working the hooks with leads attached, I worked the river the river, in a fan pattern.
After about an hour I connected with a leg, it broke the surface , much further out than i thought ,then it swirled and sank.
 This boom and bust went on for quite a while .
       Eventually getting, frustrated. every time it went down i had to find it again.
 Three hours later, now slinging a hammer taped to the washing line. I connected and got it to the bank side.
 Another hour. Tree roots, trying not to fall in and a multitude of four letter words, dash, dear etc.
 I'm the not so proud owner of a working tripod and duff camera.
          Now, its unlikely, that  the one person, who passed me today, will read this and realise what i was doing.
 But, I bet my house, that I'm mentioned in at least one conversation beginning with.....
 I passed this nutter today.......

Thursday, 24 October 2013

When things only get worse.

 Have you ever wished you hadn't get out of bed!
  Well, I got up from a night shift today. To a bright autumnal day.
 For a long time, I have had a plan to take a picture of the river Wansbeck near the sawmill.
 One of those scenes, where the trees  full of colour are reflected in the surface of the river.
  Today was the perfect day and only ten minutes away.

The river was running with quite a bit of colour, but it didn't  hinder, the reflections
It didn't take long, I had the pictures.
 Then I started to play , long at the sweeping panoramas  at the moment. I was  quite pleased with myself.
 I had a great one ( I thought) of the weir, along the river to the bank.

 Then things started to take a turn for the worse
 I spotted a  grey squirrel in the trees. One of three. Enjoying the abundant acorns.
 Not long for the reds then.
  So I settled  for  a wait, nothing spoiling,  for a picture
 While waiting  I saw a massive toadstool, red top white stem . The type Nigel  would be pleased to feature in a blog post.
As I placed the tripod, to get a sunlight fungus, a Squirrel bust from the undergrowth on the other side of the tree.
 I jumped.
  So did the camera and tripod.
 Into the river.
 I tried to catch it. But failed. Also got a bit damp

Raced home got some fishing nets pole hooks etc .
Cut along story short  FAILED.
Or another word beginning with F


Sunday, 29 September 2013

Four letter words

                   Many weeks have past from last post 
This has mainly been due to work.
Extenuating circumstances affecting a work colleague , led to me working all, bar a couple of days in June and July. Then August was filled with mostly holiday cover. 
So the best summer for ages and  have missed most of it .

So i needed a rest.
So i got on the Internet and booked, a restful holiday
                                          So Internet at hand i booked transport, accommodation,
for a bit of  play.

                                          Advertised as a racy low open tourer i couldn't resist
                                          many four letter words, good wasn't one of them

Those who know me well or have read this blog for a long time will know I'm partial to Greek ways
 and with the heat you need ventilation. But the neighbours were always, 'at it'.

                                    and the interior decor was, well interesting to say the least

But the absolute highlight  was the neighbour
very wild.
It's taken many years looking

Tortoise ( Testudo Hermani )

Friday, 31 May 2013

A unexpected early start.

I was lucky enough to finish work this  in the early hours this morning
and took advantage of the rising sun  and my gear in the car
I noticed that one of the spoon bills a druridge has a yellow and a red ring on one of its legs.

The world to yourself is a nice thing, but your always being watched.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Another garden first

What a great weekend and i have been at work for a good portion of it.
Again i have a few days off and a few migrants have been  seen, I return to work and the more interesting appear. Never mind one day my timing will be better.

Not a migrant, and much overlooked is the humble Chaffinch. The picture above taken on the path at  druridge ,does not do the male bird justice, almost tropical in colouring
I did not see what the kestrel was hunting but it led me to these, first time i have seen them among the dunes 
Viola riviniana
at druridge. One lone plant.

Mean while back at the garden.
 The pond is continuing to be the local bathing sight,
for at least 15 pair of starlings, from mid afternoon onwards. With the resident breeders also using the facilities.

This year i have done well with 'garden' birds, but this year, i still have a pair woodpeckers everyday

 The Female (above) feeds closer to the house than the male. with an early morning start giving me, the sight of a bathing female.
                           Yesterday, evening, I had the pleasure of witnessing  a pair of Siskins mating in the garden The act, was followed by an amazing chase between the pair. Then i realised they are a first for this garden.
female siskin ( for ground)

 Today, whilst gardening they were in the garden for most of the day, allowing me ,reasonably close. Hopefully nesting within my boundary's
Male Siskin

Friday, 5 April 2013

A walk along the beach- thursday

Please click on picture for the rest, i need to change this page format.
 I started along by Druridge pools and sat and waited for the prevailing wind to bring the long tailed duck into
 picture range. Although the day was bright and sunny the wind was still cold, with my hands blue when it eventually came drifting past
 The big surprise was the bay it self, the build up of weed and other rubbish/detritus,  from the recent stormy seas.
 The picture above  is the weed at its deepest , around a foot and a half deep.  A mixture of mostly  organic remains with an unhealthy percentage of plastic.
 There were only a few dead puffins along the beach  at druridge. But thankfully it was dotted with more life than you will usually see along the long stretch of sand.

 Can anyone identify the remains of this fish?
Further north along Warkworth beach , now actively looking for puffins  i found six between amble pier and the southern side of the river Aln

 The sea king rescue helicopter above a common sight in this area, but for how long? A recent government  decision means this stalwart will disappear  in a couple of years.
  I will leave you with a busy Easter holiday  shot of warkworth beach

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Has anyone had one of these in the garden?

  Garden first (.click on pic for another)
I thought i was seeing things a couple of weeks ago. When i glimpsed, what i thought was a gold crest. Since then, i have had two fleeting sightings.
 I was thinking of posting without pictures, but no doubt, there would be doubters.
I think this is a male, due to the crest having an orangey hue.